Snappy Comebacks for Rude, Stuck-up or Bitchy Women

As a player looking to date and sleep with physically attractive women, you’re almost guaranteed to come across shallow, rude, stuck-up, conceded and bitchy women. It’s part of the job description. Of course you can simply avoid women with crappy personalities all together, but then you’ll shrink your dating pool of physically attractive women significantly.

If an attractive woman thinks even for a second that she is better than you … she will put you in the friend zone. Women date up not down. This is especially true for very attractive women. So you have to keep your game tight and put bitches in their place when they step out of line. It’s really that simple. The more in control you seem and the less emotionally reactive you are to her bullsh*t the sexier you’ll be. However, putting a woman in her place without getting too emotional can get tricky.

Instead of flipping out, getting offended or getting defensive when a woman acts stuck-up or bitchy, it’s much better to talk down to her as if she is a child. This punishes her for her behavior and makes you look confident and superior at the same time. It also reverses the situation where her attempts to look superior fall flat and make her look childish and superficial. It’s all about training her to behave herself and respect you.

Here are some examples:


HER: “I won’t talk to a man unless he buys me a drink”

YOU: “Tell me more about how deep you are”


HER: “We’re not going to have sex”

YOU: “You’re right, I’m not drunk enough.”


HER: “Why would I go out with you?”

YOU: “There’s a booger in your nose, maybe you should blow it”


HER: “You’re so immature!”

YOU: “Tell me about how mature people behave. I’m listening.”


HER: “I’m really busy with work this entire week.”

YOU: “You must be really important.”


HER: “I’m really busy with my friends this entire week”

YOU: “Wow.. you must be really popular.”


HER: “Umm.. why are you even talking to me?”

YOU: “Well.. my friend is a huge player and he says to always hit on the ugly women to get the hot ones jealous. Keep talking to me.. I think it’s working.”


HER: “Let me put make up on you”

YOU: “Please get more practice first. Look what you did to your own face.”


HER: “My parents say I should dump you because we’re not the same religion.”

YOU: “Your parents sound like very open minded people.”


HER: “No more going out with your friends all the time or you have to go shopping with me.”

YOU: “So you’re trying to control me? Tell me how that worked out in your last relationship”


HER: “You have three more months to propose or I’m moving on.”

YOU: “Wow, you must be a real badass.”


HER: “It’s the man’s job to pay”

YOU: “Really? Tell me more about proper gender roles, especially the woman’s role.”


HER: “You need to put the toilet seat down after you pee!!”

YOU: “Please tell me about life with no hands. How do you get anything done?”


HER: “I’m not your mother so don’t expect me to clean up your mess!”

YOU: “You must feel very oppressed right now huh?”


HER: “Real men hold doors for women”

YOU: “Tell me more about what you read in Cosmo”


HER: “All men are scum bags.”

YOU: “Interesting. Now tell me your thoughts on minorities and different cultures.”


HER: “You need to be more romantic from now on.”

YOU: “I didn’t realize I was dating a life coach. Tell me about all the relationships you saved.”


HER: “You must be a monster if you think its ok to eat meat.”

YOU: “So you’re a vegetarian? Tell me how you’re saving the world.”

I’m sure you get the idea. Using this sarcastic approach with women allows you to show her that you don’t approve of her behavior without being a whiny little bitch-boy about it. In my quest to become a player, one big stumbling block was finding a way to put my foot down with women, without becoming the sensitive female in the relationship.

As a man, if you whine and complain you’ll look weak. But if you just tolerate a woman’s crap without putting her in her place, you’ll look equally weak. Its a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation. I finally discovered the best way to deal with female crap is to talk down to them as if they are children or stupid.

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