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Unwanted pregnancies are something that any lady or woman doesn’t want but if one gets it there is the option of abortion or keeping it. if you decide to keep it then all is not lost. There are demerits of getting pregnant but also there are merits.
In this article we are going to review some of the merits of pregnancies. Society is made to believe that pregnancy is one thing that a lady shouldn’t get. Well in this article, we’re going to dispel some of those notions. The merits are:

1. You’ll Get Healthier, Faster

For any pregnancy unwanted or wanted, it is a must you will start to check on your diet. You will start avoiding alcoholic drinks, some certain types of food such as fatty foods or junk foods. This is because your baby dictates what you eat or drink. No woman or lady wants a miscarriage or a baby born with deformations hence because of the unwanted pregnancy you will start to benefit from healthy living and eating. This eventually helps you prevent diseases like cancer, liver diseases like liver cirrhosis.

2. You Have an Ironclad Excuse to Get Out of Things

Most people wouldn’t characterize pregnancy as convenient but it can be your free card for getting out of anything or person you don’t feel like seeing or doing for the next nine months. But even better, it’s a legit reason to stop doing a bunch of bad stuff. May be after all you won’t regret getting the pregnancy as this one major advantage of unwanted pregnancy.

3. You’ll Simplify Your Life

You think the unwanted pregnancy just made your previous simple life infinitely more complicated, but looked at from another angle. You start to eat healthy food making you be healthy; you start to reduce spending nights outside using or wasting cash you could have saved and invested it to a proper project. In addition, the investment will enable you secure the future of your unborn baby.

4. You’ll Finally Clean Your House

If you’re a person who isn’t a clean freak then the unwanted pregnancy may be a blessing in disguise for you, you probably never knew where your spare duvet cover is, during this time you will definitely know where it is as you definitely clean your house. Who wants to live in a dirty house for 9 months? For me, putting my house into order meant cleaning up a lot of cat crap and cat hair. It meant aerating my house as it had poor aeration, it was stuffy and you could stumble on anything on the floor like you could get a spoon in the toilet or shoes near the cooking place.

5. You’ll Figure Out Your Finances

You would not believe how much money you can save due to the unwanted pregnancy. When you stop buying large coffees, smoking, drinking, eating dinner and lunch out every day, you will save a large amount of cash. When I was pregnant I realized I had a lot of cash with me due to not drinking, smoking or impromptu going out with friends as the unwanted pregnancy makes you to hibernate for 9 months.

Unwanted pregnancy can be a blessing in disguise to any lady or woman. As highlighted above, it will enable the pregnant woman live a healthy lifestyle, clean her house, manage your finances better, get a jail free card from things you don’t want to do and also live a very simple lifestyle.

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