Genuine Women vs. Control Freaks

When you’re out on the hunt as a player you will come across lots and lots of women. Being able to size them up quickly is important for saving time and energy. When you know what you’re dealing with it’s a lot easier to navigate a relationship and get what you want out of it.

I talk about a few different types of women in my book The Lothario Upper Hand, but for this article I’m breaking it down by two types:

1. Genuine Women
2. Control Freaks

The main difference between these two types of women will be how they interact with men and what they reveal about themselves to men. Here is how you tell the difference:

Genuine Women

While no woman is 100% genuine, some are a lot more genuine and straight forward than others. Genuine women are never teases or Female Players. Sometimes they are bitches and sluts, but at least you’ll know where they stand and rarely be confused.

Genuine women don’t lead men on. They will reject you if they’re not interested and they won’t bullshit you in order to milk you for money, attention, connections, etc. Genuine women are not sketchy, so they always have a very strong sense of “self” and a personality you can easily pin down. You will KNOW who she is and who she isn’t. You will know what she is willing to do and what she is not willing to do. Surprises will be rare.

Genuine women won’t be very manipulative. They won’t try to “trick you” into doing things or play lots of mind games. They will be a lot more direct about how they feel. They are aware this gives you more power, but they don’t have time for games.

The downside of the genuine woman is she will often bore you over time. Even if she is a bitch or a slut, she is often a “one trick pony”. As a result, you might eventually get a “been there, done that” feeling after being involved with her for a long time. However, if you are relationship minded, genuine women are your safest bet for a healthy relationship.

Oh.. and one more thing: These women are extremely rare if you are talking about women who are 7 and above in looks. The more attractive a woman is the more likely she will NOT be this type. Life is funny ain’t it?

Control Freak

I like to call this type of woman the “control freak” rather than the “disingenuous woman” because this type of woman will play every game in the book to manipulate a man into doing what she wants. It’s a myth that most control freaks are loud, bitchy and aggressive. In reality, aggressive women are often the most honest of the bunch. It’s the shy, quiet, innocent looking women that are usually the most manipulative and controlling.

Don’t be fooled when you see a loud macho guy with a sweet girlfriend… thinking he is the boss. It’s usually the opposite. Shy women are control freaks. They are quiet because it allows them to gather information and learn everyone else’s secrets while they hide their own. Then they use the information they gather to manipulate the people around them. Often these women are deeply insecure and have fears of abandonment. For this reason, they do everything they can to completely enslave a man emotionally.

This woman will only provide information if she believes it will increase her power in a situation. The pillow talk, innocent chatter in the car, sweet text messages, etc. They are all designed to manipulate you into putting her on a pedestal and foolishly believing she is “special” and a PRIZE.

When this woman doesn’t get what she wants from you or fails at successfully manipulating you, she will give you the passive-aggressive silent treatment. Since most men are weak and desperate for pussy.. this usually leads them to become so uncomfortable that they break down and spill the beans… flooding her ears with even MORE precious information she can later use to manipulate him.

This is the type of woman that leads men into the many traps I’ve discussed before. These women are dangerous because of their perceived innocence. They will come across like they can’t hurt a fly. When they push a man to his limit and he lashes out, hoards of white knights will rush in to defend her honor. They will come to rescue this “delicate little flower”. They will defend her in public as strangers, through the law as lawyers, and in divorce court as judges. This is the depth of her control.

Choose Your Women Wisely

As a player you must avoid ever getting into a serious (or even semi-serious) relationship with a control freak woman. She will cut your balls OFF (figuratively and sometimes literally). The best approach to take with this woman is “bang and run”. She is not worth the headache.

I’ve dropped some exclusive player knowledge in the past. Here is some more. LISTEN CLOSE BECAUSE THIS IS INFORMATION 99% OF MEN DON’T KNOW:

You will always be able to identify your level of control over a woman by her willingness to submit. Always look for submission. The minute a woman stops submitting to you, your ears should perk up and your mind should immediately take the default position of “mistrust” until submission occurs again.

I said in my last article that protecting yourself from bad women is like protecting yourself from dogs. A dog you can trust will be loving and submissive. A dog that barks, snaps or defies you will be trouble. Women are the same. Only trust them when they submit. The minute they stop, you should know something is up. Most likely, she is making a power move to GET something from you.

Anytime women withhold affection or sex, it is always to GET SOMETHING out of the man. It might be something small like “more attention” or something big like “marriage”. Perk up your ears and pay attention!

One Response to Genuine Women vs. Control Freaks

  1. it’s me again ….

    what about when those of us who love love love sex with a connection dont submit until the emotions are there so we can orgasm. You do know that almost all cases of casual sex, the girl is faking it and only bonking him for the sense of intimacy. right?

    I think I fall into the genuine woman category and yes I’ve seen the woman you speak of (we try to warn the men but they are too pussy whipped to hear our pleas for them to run for the hills – I will direct them to your website)

    Where’s your disclaimer – not all women who dont submit are trying to get one over you, we are trying to get one (orgasm) with you.

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